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So were finally off… Brandon and I(Ivan) have been planning this trip out for a few months now and it finally all came together.. It started off when we were in Barcelona filming for 4life. BS, E.b, and myself were talking about how sick it would to be to do a big westside skatepark trip with some friends.. It just happened to turn out that our friends are pretty good park shredders. so we made some phone calls to everyone to see if they were down and here we are… Day 1..shred til your dead is here. First stop, Santa Cruz…
Huge thanks to aggressivemall and Themgoods/Valo for supporting the trip and making things possible



September 23rd, 2009

so u guys are gunna finish off the tour in long beach?
thats so dope


September 30th, 2009

hot boiz


October 12th, 2009

What? Bailey took them to buhl and hailey but not to mccall? its a way sicker park than both od those.

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